5 Must-Follows for Your Music Wagon

It’s always nice to hear about great new songs, and what better way to stay in tune with the music scene than following people who are already on top of it? These five tweeters are totally dialed in, and you can be too—just add them to your Music Wagon’s stream, and you’re good to go!

Josh Radnor


We all love Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, but did you know Josh Radnor is also an avid music lover? He posts a “Song of the Day” every day, and he always has a great mix of oldies and newer songs.

Rob Thomas


Remember Matchbox Twenty from the 90s? Yeah, they rocked. Well, Rob Thomas—the lead singer—is AWESOME at posting new music to listen to. He posts a “Song of the Day” every day, too:

The Voice


The Voice is the best for finding good song covers, because they post every week about what all the talented contestants will perform, and then post songs to iTunes!

Song of the Day


Thank you to whoever made this account! They’re always posting playlists and songs of all kinds for music lovers to check out.

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Happy Humor Month!

In honor of April being the national month for humor, we’re featuring our top 10 posts from bandwagon’s Humor Pinterest board to brighten your day :)  Don’t forget to hop on the humor Wagon for more, and share with friends to share the laughs!

1.  Oh bee wand…Can you figure it out?

2. Share this if you’re as addicted to Girl Scout Cookies as we are…

3. Under pressure!

4. How to really judge someone’s character:

5. …Hold on to that feeling :)

6.  Seriously, who knew?!

7. Doesn’t this make you want to just dance around and blast your old N*SYNC cd’s?

8. There’s really only one option here:

9. Lost & Found…

10. How much does a hipster weigh?

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Spring Break: bandwagon Hits the Road!

Five friends. One car. 3,000 miles. Seven days in the sun. That’s right, folks—I have officially completed the classic college road trip. We set out on a Friday night with a trunk full of towels, beach toys, snacks, and sunglasses, with the long road between Boston and Florida stretched out before us. Twenty-three hours and two trips to Cracker Barrel later, we arrived at our destination: Cocoa Beach!

Now you’re probably thinking—Cocoa Beach? Where is that, exactly? What can you do there? We knew it was an hour from Orlando (close enough for a long-awaited trip to Disney), but we really just chose Cocoa Beach for the inexpensive hotel with access to a beach, without having any idea of the attractions in town. So once we arrived (and took long naps), we had no idea where to go.

The solution? A Spring Break Wagon! We created a Wagon specifically dedicated to Cocoa Beach to find out about events and fun things to do around our hotel. We quickly received updates informing us about a Ron Jon Surf Competition that would be in town all week, complete with live band performances, a volleyball tournament, and a free movie night on the beach.

Plus, just by searching “Cocoa Beach” to add streams to our Wagon, we found that there was a Twitter account for the Cocoa Beach Pier, updating us with Happy Hour deals at the beachside bars and the opportunity to eat gator (which we tried and thoroughly enjoyed, although it was a bit scary).

After that, it was all smooth sailing! We found out about a local high ropes challenge course at the zoo, a mini golf course, and a tiny hole-in the-wall breakfast place where we ate a feast for $5 each.

(The group, after conquering the high ropes course…we had to zip line over alligators!)


Overall, it was an unbelievable vacation, and we’re thankful bandwagon was around to help us plan our week. We made memories we’ll remember for the rest of our lives, and we can’t wait to take another trip together!

For more fun photos from bandwagon’s big road trip, check out bandwagontheapp on Instagram and Like bandwagon on Facebook!

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The Cooking Wagon: What’s on the menu this week?

Everyone needs a way to spice things up sometimes, and the Cooking Wagon has a constant news feed of suggestions that you don’t want to miss out on! From the Food Network to Bon Appetit magazine, there are enough recipes and kitchen tips to have you cooking up a storm all year.

The Cooking Wagon’s aggregate news feed pulls from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in real time, so you’ll always have fresh recipes to make and share with friends.

So, what’s new this week? Here’s the latest from bandwagon’s most mouth-watering Wagon:


Buffalo Chicken Dip

It’s perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, but it would work as a great appetizer any other day of the year, too! Grab the link from the Wagon on your app, or find the recipe here from the Food Network.


Breakfast for Dinner: Ricotta Pancakes

The Cooking Channel always knows how to make our mouths water…how can you say no to these perfect, fluffy flapjacks? Find the recipe here!


Chicken Fried Rice

Makeover your favorite takeout recipe instead of ordering takeout! This chicken fried rice might just put your local Chinese food place to shame…


Mom’s Turkey Meatloaf

How can you say no to homemade meatloaf? Especially when it’s only 200 calories per serving! The secret? Replace ground beef with ground turkey! Here’s the recipe from the Food Network.


Fiesta Burgers

The credit goes to “Eat This, Not That!” for this brilliant idea. Grill chicken patties and top them with canned toasted chilies and a slice of Jack cheese. Dress it with salsa and guacamole!


Eggo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Bet you never thought of doing this before! Here’s the scoop, straight from bandwagon:


Bacon and Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

Cooking Light’s mashed potatoes are perfect for Saturday nights, or any other night you’re craving some comfort food. Check out the recipe here.

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Calling All CollegeHumor Fans!

Our CollegeHumor Wagon was a hit in 2012! Here are some of the best funnies that CollegeHumor has highlighted in the past, taken straight from this popular Wagon.

Les Misérables: A Parody

Maybe you loved it, maybe you hated it…CollegeHumor made fun of it anyway, of course.

Political Party Picker: Election 2012

If you weren’t sure who to vote for in the election, this quiz might have helped you pick a side. Here’s a screenshot example of what the questions were like (and don’t worry, it’s still posted on their website, if you need it for 2016…)

The Venn Diagram of Movie Quotes

How many movies can you name in this diagram of famous quotes?

Cooking Directions

Let’s be honest, this is what really happens when you open a can of soup…

Accurate Love Letter

If this isn’t the perfect definition of love, we don’t know what is!

The True Meaning of Christmas?

CollegeHumor put together a bunch of blurbs to describe the “true message” of all our favorite Christmas classics. See if you agree and check it out here!


Travel Poster for the Lazy

Looking to get away? The Internet is here to help!

New Year’s Eve: A Graphic Representation

Check out this super scientific graph to see how different factors rise and fall depending on how late it gets on New Year’s Eve:

Well, folks, that’s all for 2012! CollegeHumor has a ton of hilarious original videos too, so jump on the CollegeHumor Wagon for a good laugh!


Source: www.CollegeHumor.com

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Bon Appetit! bandwagon’s Top Holiday Treats

Looking for some new recipes to try this holiday season? Well, the re-pins are in! We’ve gathered the top 10 most re-pinned recipes from our “Bon Appetit!” board on Pinterest, to spark some inspiration for what to make this next week. Like what you see? Check out our board for even more ideas!

1. Shrimp with Garlic and Parsley

Brought to you by Cooking Melangery, this dish is “the best sizzling spicy appetizer” out there, and has the #1 most re-pins by bandwagon fans on Pinterest!

2. Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies

This recipe is thanks to Just A Taste, a blog “exploring life through food, and always leaving room for dessert.” Salted caramel + apples + homemade crust + not needing to share = the perfect warm, gooey dessert for the holidays!

3. White Pizza

Food Porn Daily gives us a huge tease with this mouth-watering photo of white pizza with roasted garlic, roasted carrots, broccoli, feta, roasted red peppers, asiago & parmesan cream sauce…for the recipe, you’ll have to buy the cookbook!

4. Coconut Pound Cake

For all you coconut lovers out there, this pound cake will be your new go-to dessert! Brought to you by Dramatic Pancake, this cake will have everyone asking for seconds.

5. Farfalle with Watercress, Cherry Tomatoes and Feta

Fitness Magazine’s bow-tie pasta dish is not only irresistibly delicious, but also healthy, too. For all of us trying to avoid the annual ten pounds that come with the holiday season, this dinner is a must-make!

6. Oreo Martini

Dessert drinks made out of Oreos…does it get any better than this? This drink has 5 star reviews on Daydreamer Desserts’ blog, and it’s not hard to see why!

7.  Blueberry Biscuits

Need something to make for Christmas morning, or maybe for a holiday brunch with friends? These blueberry biscuits by Pink Pistachio are exactly what you’re looking for!

8. Creamy Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta with Sage

A healthy version of mac n’ cheese? Yes, please! This recipe was invented by the blogger behind Damn Delicious, and that’s exactly what this dish is, according to the comments!

9. Three-Cheese Macaroni

If butternut squash isn’t your thing, try this cheesy pasta recipe, instead. Featured on the Food Network’s “Healthy Meal Makeovers,” it is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

10. Cookie Sticks

The credit for these cookie treats goes to My Baking Addiction’s blog, and they certainly look like something we could get addicted to…definitely a dessert you have to try!

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Bargain-hunting with bandwagon

 Looking to save money this holiday season? Jump on the bargain-hunting bandwagon! We’ve put together a list of Top 10 Twitter accounts for deals & DIY projects this December, so have a look for yourself and start a Wagon to keep up with all the latest bargains!

@Etsy: Do you love handmade gifts, but don’t have the time or the patience to make them yourself? If that sounds like you, Etsy is the place to go! Their website is a wonderful source for inexpensive gifts, and they post ideas on Twitter every few hours for inspiration!

@AmazonDeals: This is Amazon.com’s Twitter account of daily discounts. They have “Lightning Deals” every day, and it’s first-come/first-served—you don’t want to miss this!

@CheapTweet: This is the classic Twitter account for daily coupons and deals…they’ve posted more than 25 million discounts so far! A must-have for your bargain-hunting Wagon.

@RetailMeNot: RetailMeNot promises to help you “score the savings you want,” at all your favorite stores. Just in the past few days, they’ve posted deals on products from Anthropologie, Nordstrom, DSW, Victoria’s Secret, and even designer brands!

@RealSimple: Real Simple Magazine should undoubtedly be on your radar for ways to get creative and save this holiday season. They’re all about finding solutions that make life easier—from gift ideas for guys, to foolproof festive cookie recipes, Real Simple has it all!

@BlackFriday: Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed doesn’t mean the deals are done! This Twitter account keeps posting coupons and online sales all month long, so be sure to check it out!

@TheNest: The Nest not only posts great gift ideas, but also has everything you need to get in the holiday spirit: recipes, décor ideas, and Instagram challenges (complete with prizes, of course)!

@Poppytalk: This Canadian design blog is always posting free printable gift tags, DIY gift ideas, and holiday decorations, like this make-your-own origami ornament:

Poppytalk Origami Ornament

Poppytalk Origami Ornament

@BestBuy_Deals: For all you electronics lovers like us, don’t forget about Best Buy Deals. They make gift-giving easy with plenty of discounts and freebies, tweeting every few hours. You’ll be glad you followed this one!

@CentsationalGrl: All about being “fabulous for less,” this DIY master posts tons of tips and tricks to save when it comes to giving gifts (and pretty much everything else). This Twitter account is definitely “centsational”!

So, what are you waiting for? Create your own Wagon and start saving while you shop!

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Tired of social media overload?! So are we…

There are over 1 billion Facebook posts, 175 million tweets, 4 billion video views on YouTube, and over 5 million photos upload to Instagram everyday.  Wow, those are big numbers and they only keep increasing.  In an overcrowded space, how do you filter out the noise and focus on only the things you want, when you want it?

You only have so much time to spend online each day, and sometimes you’re not in the mood to see your friend’s constant status updates from their spontaneous trip to Vegas, or those photos of that obnoxiously cute couple that makes you feel oh-so-single.

We try our best to filter out the noise, but the endless alerts and popups are exhausting. According to a recent study, 60% of the general public would be more apt to share online if they had control over who viewed their opinions. This trend for consumers to become more privatized in their online behavior has led to a new generation of services to help people cope with internet overload.

Companies like, Flipboard, and Pulse have taken a step in the right direction to help weed through all the content.  But they’re missing social interaction.  They’re static stand-alone experiences without any social interaction.  And companies like Path and Pair have created private social networks.   But they aren’t solving the content overload problem.

Our roots as a company are around messaging and social interaction.  Content was missing from messaging and messaging was missing content.  This disconnect led us to create bandwagon to help break through the clutter and combine content and social together.

We’re driven by a simple over-reaching goal. We want to let people follow and share only the things they are passionate about, with the right groups of friends.  And filter out the noise and clutter, but still allow for new content discovery.

Bandwagon lets you select content from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and soon Tumblr and Google+  – anything from Astronomy to Zumba, organize them however you like into various “Wagons.” You can even schedule how often the information is delivered to you – whether it trickles, streams or floods from the web.   Invite friends to join your Wagon, and everyone can receive the content simultaneously and chat about the things you’re really interested in.

We hope you’ll jump on our bandwagon app and give it a try to stop the overload. bandwagon.me


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