Let Customers Text Your Business

HeyWire lets customers text to your business using standard text messaging. We connect your existing 1-800 and landline office phone numbers to our secure text messaging cloud. Your sales and service teams leverage our easy-to-use apps to text with customers from their mobile devices, office desktops or contact center agent consoles.

HeyWire LiveText

Text-enable your contact centers for 2-way customer conversations. Customers can now text TO your business, leveraging the same toll free or business phone numbers you use today.

  • Expands your omnichannel service strategy with popular SMS texting
  • Seamlessly integrates into leading contact center solutions
  • Let customers connect with your business, where ever they are
  • Delights your customers while lowering support costs

HeyWire Business Messenger

Add 2-way texting to the office phone numbers of your sales and service delivery teams. Now they can use their mobile phones or desktop computers to securely text with clients –without exposing their private mobile numbers.

  • Lets customers text to employee office numbers
  • Uses standard SMS so customers need no special apps
  • Separates employee personal and business text messages
  • Synchs business messages across mobile phones and desktops

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